The brief beginnings of the Milward Story until the present. About Us

About Denise And Steve

They're a couple of 50 somethings who have been through some of life's strange experiences together.


In The Beginning:

Denise is the daughter of a military family, travelling around the world during her early years.  Steve comes from a mining family, hardly leaving the village.  From these two seemingly very different beginnings, they share more than meets the eye.  They may even have met at a swimming pool when they were small children.  They did meet in the summer of 1972 and have been together ever since.

The Growing Years:

School, College, University, teaching, music, travel, parenthood.... Denise and Steve have shared a great deal, yet are their own people with separate interests.  The experiences of serious ill health and the impact on their lives has been enormous, but they have battled through, gaining strength from each other.  Overall, they maintain a positive and progressive outlook on life, meeting challenges head on.

Where They're Going:

Now in their 50s, Denise and Steve both look forward to the rest of their lives, continually learning, being curious and pursuing interests around music, history, science, making jewellery, computing... the list goes on.  Above all, they seek happiness and good health for their daughter and family, enjoying the adventure that is the next day.

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Denise At Cornwall School, Dortmund

Denise winning the 'Full Marks' radio quiz.

Steve With 'Uncle Sowter'

On the back garden, Rainworth, Nottinghamshire.

Denise During 'The Adventure'

On our first solo European tour, catching a quick meal.

Steve In The Chairlift

Skiing in the Austrian Alps.

Denise After Surgery

Post 'Tennis Elbow' surgery.

Steve After Weight Loss

Looking and feeling totally different after losing 69kgs.

Denise With Her Jewellery

Jewellery making is a passion!

Steve The Cyclist

Great exercise and the freedom of the forests.

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Denise and Steve At Alveston Hall on a short break.