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Music By Steve Milward

Composer for film and video, Steve has a wide experience of many different styles of music, including rock, orchestrals and musicals.



So many over the years, but including Steely Dan, early Genesis, ELP, Copland, Faure, Bach, Mozart, modern jazz and new musical styles.

Favourite VSTs

Hard to single one out, but the list icludes Halion Sonic, Garritan Personal Orchestra 4, Mr Ray II and for weirdness, Oatmeal.

Want To Talk Music?

Get in touch with me if you'd like to talk/chat about anything musical, especially music technology. 

Steve's Music

I have composed all my life, starting with simple piano melodies when I was very young. Now, I use Digital Audio Workstation technology in my studio, based around Steinberg's Cubase 7.5, utilising synthesizers (too many to list here!) and audio.

I write and perform in a variety of styles from orchestral to rock and jazz. You can hear some of my pieces by clicking on the players below.   






Composed in 2011 and 2012, this will be a collection of songs with the theme of 'Promises'.  The first three songs have been completed.   You can hear them below.

Walk It



When My Baby Knows My Name



All I Want Is You


Composed in 2005, this is my first vocal album.  It tells some of the stories that are contained in my life.

I Don't Know Why
Land Of Mine
Pastilla Beach
Jack And Jenni
Pouring Rain
How Do You Do It?
The Waiting Room

Orchestral Works

Hopes And Fears
In The Court Of Tsar Peter

Clarinet Quintet - For Sam

This work is for our dear cat friend Sam, and describes his moods.
First Movement
Second Movement
Third Movement
Fourth Movement

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Denise At Cornwall School, Dortmund

Denise winning the 'Full Marks' radio quiz.

Steve With 'Uncle Sowter'

On the back garden, Rainworth, Nottinghamshire.

Denise During 'The Adventure'

On our first solo European tour, catching a quick meal.

Steve In The Chairlift

Skiing in the Austrian Alps.

Denise After Surgery

Post 'Tennis Elbow' surgery.

Steve After Weight Loss

Looking and feeling totally different after losing 69kgs.

Denise With Her Jewellery

Jewellery making is a passion!

Steve The Cyclist

Great exercise and the freedom of the forests.

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'In Paradisum' from 'Requiem Without Words'